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In Clean Concept we design and manufacture a carefully variety of panels. We offer several configurations to be defined according to the specific needs of each customer, so we can combine different materials for the exterior plate and the plate.
One of our most requested type of panel is the phenolic resin, which has large advantages for its installation in clean rooms and controlled contamination areas.
Let’s summarize our main strengths below:

  1. Offers great scratch resistance.
  2. This method also has a high resistance to possible deformations due to impacts.
  3. It is very easy to repair.
  4. Thanks to the on-site machining capacity:
    • The cut is simple
    • It doues not reléase particles
    • Offers a clean sealing
  5. Great chemical resistance (peroxidation).
  6. The course of time practically does not affect it, remaining unalterable over time.
  7. It can be manufactured in a broad variety of colors.
  8. The possibility of biological contamination of its surface is significantly less than that of other types.
  9. Difficult impregnation of particles on the surface.
  10. Offers great ease for cleaning. A soap and water solution is enough

All these advantages, always with the GMP standard compliance of our solutions, make Clean Concept´s phenolic resin panels an ideal option for different sectors such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biosafety and hospital industries among others.