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How to choose the type of doors for your cleanroom?

In a cleanroom the doors are a crucial element, since they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment and, therefore, if its operation is not correct, there will be a greater risk of pollution. Hence the importance of installing the most suitable door for each room, so that moisture, temperature, air flow, lighting, air and pressure levels among other factors are maintained inside the scales that each space requires.

You should not fall into the error of thinking that a clean room door is like an ordinary domestic door, as they are totally different. The GMP regulations require a design according to it and wood doors can not be used at all in clean rooms, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

The main factors that must be considered when choosing a cleanroom door are:

  • Smooth structure and without joints. Allowing easy cleaning that does not accumulate any bacteria
  • Robustness
  • That offers high air permeability, according to the requirements of the rooms
  • Resistance
  • Easy installation
  • That is not altered when exposed to cleaning products or disinfectants
  • Regarding the core material: it should be light and have a great capacity for flexion

At Clean Concept, all the doors that we design and manufacture meet the requirements of the GMP regulations, providing ease both in its installation and in cleaning.

We offer different models:

We have the most appropriate doors for your project, from the simplest rooms to areas of controlled pollution, containment areas or biosafety. Its sealing level allows you to maintain the level of cleaning, produce high quality medications and guarantee safety in the clean room.